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Technical meeting in Marseille

Technical meeting of the VIRUSong partners UCBL-ILM and CNRS-Institut Fresnel in Marseille – 9th February 2024

From left to right : Jérémie Margueritat (VIRUSong Coordinator – UCBL-ILM), Benoit Mahler (UCBL-ILM), Hervé Rigneault (CNRS-IF), Chrysa Vourdaki (CNRS-IF), Samuel Metais (CNRS-IF), Maria Bandurist (UCBL-ILM), Konstantinos Iliopoulos (CNRS-IF) and Shaik Mohammad Imran (UCBL-ILM)

VIRUSong Kick-off meeting

The VIRUSong kick-off meeting successfully launches the project on 14-15th September 2023 in Lyon, France.