Chrysa Vourdaki - CNRS - Institut Fresnel, Marseille, France

Chrysa Vourdaki

Chrysa Vourdaki received her BSc (2021) in Physics and her MSc degree (2023) in Photonics at the University of Patras in Greece. She did her undergraduate and graduate thesis by the supervision of prof. Michalis Fakis. Her main goal was to study the dynamic of the excited state of fluorescent star shaped organic chromophores from femtoseconds to nanoseconds by using the pump and probe fluorescence upconversion technique. She joined the biophotonics team of the Fresnel institute in Marseille, France since November 2023 Mosaic to embark on her PhD. Her work is focused on developing innovative low frequency Raman spectroscopy and imaging tools. Role in the Virusong project: In the Virusong project, her work involves expanding the achievements of Hervé Rigneault’s team on performing broadband coherent Raman microscopy. Specifically, she is going to develop a novel short pulse laser system that will enable to retrieve molecular vibrational spectra from the low frequency range up to 500 cm-1. Also, she is going to work on improving the sensitivity of the technique, by using interferences between the probe pulse and a local oscillator.

Shaik Mohammad Imran - UCBL - Institute of Light and Matter, Lyon, France

Shaik Mohammad Imran

Shaik Mohammad Imran, hailing from India, holds a Master's degree in Physics with a specialization in photonics. During his academic journey, he served as a research intern at IIT Roorkee, delving into the intricate realm of gas sensors. His research endeavors at REVA University centered around the synthesis and characterization of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (TMDs) for gas sensing applications. Currently, Imran is engaged in a Ph.D. program, conducting doctoral research at the joint CNRS - Universite Lyon 1 research unit ILM. His focus lies in the exploration of applications of stimulated low-frequency Brillouin spectroscopy, with a keen interest in advancing material characterization and assessing mechanical properties. Imran's academic and research trajectory showcases a commitment to the advancement of photonics and sensor technology. In the project, Imran' role is to engineer an optimized low-frequency stimulated Brillouin spectroscopy apparatus swiftly. The primary focus is on achieving high spectral resolution within a short timeframe. This specialized apparatus is intended for the meticulous analysis of viscoelastic and mechanical properties across a range of biological samples.

Maria Bandurist - UCBL - Institute of Light and Matter, Lyon, France

Maria Bandurist

Maria accomplished her Bachelor studies at the University of Montpellier in the 2021. Two years later she received her Master's degree at the same university, specialized in chemistry of materials for health. She also made a 6-month internship as a research assistant in the Institut Charles Gerhardt of Montpellier where she was conducted on elaborating nitroprusside composites for 3D-printable biomedical devices. Maria is currently a first-year PhD student at the CNRS research unit ILM, working on the project which is focused on the elaboration of 2D nanocrystals for bioconjugation with biomolecules of interest under the supervision of Dr. Mahler and Dr. Margueritat.

Lilou Duplantier - UCBL - Institute of Light and Matter, Lyon, France

Lilou Duplantier

Lilou Duplantier finished her Associates degree in chemistry at the IUT of Castres in 2019. She pursued her studies in the INP engineer school in chemistry specialized in analytical chemistry. During her last year of school, she joined the group SANOFI and developed a new method to detect and quantify excipients in protein matrices monitoring chromatography. Lilou is currently a first-year PhD student at the CNRS research unit ILM. Her project is focused on charge detection mass spectroscopy couple with action spectroscopy in the mid-IR range for structural characterization of viruses. Rodolphe Antoine and Luke Mac Aleese are supervising her.

Samuel Metais - CNRS - Institut Fresnel, Marseille, France

Samuel Métais

Dr. Samuel Métais is an engineer with expertise in wave physics, optics, and multi-wave phenomena. He holds a Ph.D. in applied wave physics from Sorbonne University and has conducted research at Johns Hopkins University. Currently, as a Post-Doctoral fellow taking part in the ViruSong Project, he focuses on developing broadband coherent Raman spectroscopy and imaging techniques.