Nostics NV

Nostics is a medical diagnostics startup dedicated to developing a platform for rapid, accessible, and affordable infectious disease diagnostics to address the looming threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The company’s versatile technology platform integrates Raman spectroscopy, advanced nanotechnology and AI-based classification to create an easy-to-use point-of-care device that can detect and identify multiple pathogenic species from various biological samples in less than 15 minutes.
Offering both entrepreneurial experience and deep domain knowledge, the Nostics teams comprises a talented group of microbiologists, nanoscientists, machine learning engineers, and system architects. Within Virusong, Nostics will develop an affordable, table-top spectroscopy device for virus identification at the point-of-care in conjunction with an AI model for virus identification and quantification. This device will also be compatible with other applications within the Nostics platform. Finally, Nostics will be in charge of commercialization of the virus test in the final phase of the project.

Rochelle Niemeijer

Co-founder Rochelle Niemeijer has a background in Nanobiology and is former Application Engineer at VSParticle. She has over 5 yrs experience with biological materials, laser setups in Raman spectroscopy and nanomaterial science from her studies at Delft University of Technology and is currently Chief Scientific Officer at Nostics. Under her leadership, the research and development team has achieved important milestones in the development of Nostics’ technology platform.

Bob de Vos

Experienced in research and development in both academic and industry settings, Bob De Vos has curated expertise in applying machine learning and AI to medical signal and image analysis. Holding roles from Assistant Professor at Amsterdam Medical Center to AI Lead at QuantibU, he has led various medical imaging projects and collaborations with clinical researchers. Currently Software and AI Lead at Nostics, Bob combines technical proficiency in programming and AI with a strategic leadership approach to develop reliable machine learning models for pathogen identification.

Vincent Laban

Co-founder Vincent Laban is currently serving as Nostics CFO and Head of Hardware Development. After his time as CFO and Head of Strategic partnerships at a nanoparticle manufacturing company, he committed himself to making diagnostics more accessible and affordable using nanotechnology. With his background in Industrial Design Engineering he is leading the development of the table-top spectroscopy device serving as the center of the Nostics platform.