Institut Fresnel (IF-CNRS) is a joint research unit (UMR7249) between CNRS, Aix-Marseille University and Ecole Centrale Marseille. IF currently hosts more than 150 researchers organised in 11 research groups equipped with state-of-the-art research infrastructure for nanofabrication, biology, imaging and engineering. The Institute is active member of the Institut Carnot network committed to develop industrial applications of research results. Institut Fresnel is also part of competitiveness cluster OPTITEC. IF-Institut Fresnel is also a core laboratory of the large scale national imaging facilities France Bio Imaging and France Life imaging and have access to a broad variety of optical and electron imaging modalities across France through these networks.

IF-CNRS is involved into the project with its core Biophotonics group Mosaic. Mosaic is an interdisciplinary research group aiming at unravelling life science problems using advanced photonic tools. Mosaic principal investigators are physicists and biologists working together at the cross roads between advanced optical imaging, nanophotonics and tissue morphogenesis. In parallel, the Mosaic group is involved in collaborative projects related to the fields of developmental biology, immunology, neurosciences and biomedical research. In this project Mosaic researchers will develop innovative low frequency Raman spectroscopy and imaging tools.

Hervé Rigneault

Dr. Hervé Rigneault is a CNRS research director and leads the Mosaic group at the Fresnel Institute. His research fields encompass ultra-fast optics, linear and nonlinear spectroscopy and imaging in microscop and endoscopy.