VIRUSong Kick-off meeting

The VIRUSong kick-off meeting successfully launches the project on 14-15th September 2023 in Lyon, France.

Meet the scientists hired by VIRUSong

The VIRUSong consortium is hiring young researchers to join its team, meet them now!

Technical meeting in Marseille

Technical meeting of the VIRUSong partners UCBL-ILM and CNRS-Institut Fresnel in Marseille – 9th February 2024

From left to right : Jérémie Margueritat (VIRUSong Coordinator – UCBL-ILM), Benoit Mahler (UCBL-ILM), Hervé Rigneault (CNRS-IF), Chrysa Vourdaki (CNRS-IF), Samuel Metais (CNRS-IF), Maria Bandurist (UCBL-ILM), Konstantinos Iliopoulos (CNRS-IF) and Shaik Mohammad Imran (UCBL-ILM)